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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Starts

After waking up from a horrible nights sleep, I thought I was just gonna be in a cranky blah mood all day Sunday.......but it never fails when I get with Lishy!!!!!!......She brightened my mood and made my day fun and silly...just the way I like em!!!!!!!

We headed for our normal place...the laundry mat....where I think they are getting used to the two crazy girls who scatter yarn all over the tables.hehehe

We cast on for another buddy knit. This time a long sleeved shrug. Lishy is using a pretty shiny gray and I am using a teal blue from the stash.

Speaking of the stash.....I am supposed to be on a yarn diet! And Lishy proved she is my "right hand man" and "partner in crime" on Saturday when I texted her and said come with me to Hobby Lobby to buy yarn.......no questions were asked, no reminders of my yarn diet, nothing....she went quietly and even bought some yarn of her own (She is supposed to be on a diet too!).....

I love you Lishy!!!!! You whore!!!!.............=)

And one more funny thing....I went to buy yarn for my afghan for my livingroom. 3 colors. Easy! I even gave Lishy a hard time when we were at Hobby Lobby cause she wanted to get the yarn for the buddy shrug and she didn't even know how much we needed.......BUT!!!!!!....who went home and realized she bought 2 of the wrong colors??????? ME!!!!!! What an idiot!!!!!!!! hehehehe

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The damm tank is done...and other stuff........

Finally!!!! The Tank is finished! It don't fit! It has lots of mistakes, mine and from the pattern writer, but IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!

If you look at the picture closely...no I am not Frankenknit's Bride and have a needle through my neck....I just slipped my head through it to get a picture! hehehe

It does bring back memories of Wal-Mart and getting stuck in that dress with the hanger attached! Right , Lishy?????? ROFLOL

I think Lishy actually finished hers last night too. The last text from her before I took heavy doses of cold medicine told me she had one strap done.

Here it is on Maizy! Looks good on a plastic body! lol

I took the picture , threw the tank across the room one last time and called it a day!


Other stuff of the week..... I had a knitters elbow flare-up! So I am gonna crochet for awhile to give it a rest.....I broke my bra at work! That was quite exciting! And luckily I had a printed shirt on so no one thankfully could see my blow-out! hehehe.....I got a horrible cold! Probably from one of the kids. Gotta take more vitamins!.....I had a big itch on the leg the other day and kept scratching and scratching....figured it was a bug bite....got home from work and decided to have a look at it. I found a bruise as big as my hand! Did I scratch so hard to give myself the bruise or did the bruise itch???? And!!!! I don't remember running my leg into anything that big or hard to leave that bad of bruise. Weird to say the least!........Yesterday the neighbors flooded my bathroom again! UGH! But I thank goodness had no water issues of my own at the laundry mat! lol

Since Lishy and I did laundry yesterday instead of our usual Sunday thingy....today is free! I am gonna take my kleenex and my crocheting and veg on the couch with Charmed Season 1.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day of Fondling!

Lishy and I had planned this day of Yarnny Goodness for a couple weeks now.

Bright and early on Saturday we hopped in her car.....ok...it wasn't that early...10:30.....and I actually didn't hop because I had a crappy night of non-sleep......but you get the drift....

Our first stop was Circle K to get big honking polar pops of much needed caffeine.

Then we were off to our first shop...

Clementine's. The store owner was very friendly and very helpful. It did not have huge amounts of yarn but it was nice. And!!!! She also sells awesome fabrics!!! She even had fabric with cupcakes on it!!!!! To die for!!!! I wanted to call up Lola and tell her to get her booty up here!!! I bought some yarn and some magnets. Lishy bought some yummy colored yarn and some fabric for a secret project for.......ME!!!!

Our next stop was in Indy. Mass Ave. Lishy had been there before....this was my maiden voyage and I will say I was sunk to say the least! I think my mouth hung open for a good hour upon entering the shop!

It was awesome! Big! Friendly! Cluttered! It looked lived in and loved! And there was ummmmmm.....freaking HUGE amounts of yarn!!!!!!

We hung out with Dru, a worker and fellow yarn lover! He was very nice and very helpful. We just had the one issue of him thinking my knitting was "wrong" when we all know it is "different"!!!!

We were going to go to two other shops but decided to just hang out at Mass Ave. for a while and then head on home.

Here's my wonderful, yummy, new friends!

I am so excited that I actually now own 4 yarn cakes!!!!!!

And...here is the fun new magnets....you can make up your own sentences and phrases that are yarn related....

Of course.....my mind went elsewhere with the last one!!!!!! ROFLOL!!!!!

Lishy!!!!! A great day my friend!!!!

When is the next roadtrip?????????.........=)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lola said this reminded her of me and my misadventures at the laundry mat!

Ummmm......I really don't think this is gonna happen on Sunday!!! ROFLOL!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lost and Found

Sunday I was summoned to the store (Fireworks) to go through stuff that had been stored there.....they are gutting the place after flood damage and remodeling...

So I get there and see nothing that was mine...I tell him there is ONE thing that I would love to find but am not holding my breath....and that was the sweater I knit when I was 16 years old.

He asked me what it looked like, I told him....and his eyes got real big!

He found it the day before and ....gave it to the neighbor!

I was really upset! The one thing I thought was gone forever.....so close but still gone!

He actually went in the other room, made a phone call, and in a little bit I had my sweater back!!!!

Hell No! I am not gonna wear it! It was knit in the 80's. Oversized and I think I actually wore it with white harem pants.....ala MC Hammer!!!!! ROFLOL

I just want it to have it. Look! I was dedicated to my craft way back then! Man! There is no way I could knit row after row today without getting bored and throwing it across the room!!!! hehehe

I look at it and it still amazes me! What was I doing in all those hours of hours knitting....way before cable and dvds! lol

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yarnchick's Wannadoos

I have so many projcts I wanna start....more startitis!!!! Yep...always got it! So I am posting my list......let's see if I succeed in making any of it before I see something else.lol

In no particular order.....

!. Special Olympics scarves.....buddy crochet with Lola. We have to send them off before January....I found white yarn in the closet and Lola sent be two blue balls so I am set to get started.....(Crochet)

2. Yarnchick mini squares for a possible wall hanging......gonna use crack yarn scraps for this...(Knit)

3. Openwork tank.....a fast project.......could use blue I Love This Cotton in stash.....(Crochet)

4. Seymour the Sea Monster.....so dang cute!!!.....gonna be bright pink and a girl!......(Crochet)

5. Bell Sleeved Shrug......next buddy knit with Lishy........gonna use the blue cotton mentioned above or Beige I Love This Yarn in stash.......(Knit)

6. Black cardigan.....in ummmmmmm black...hehehe.....no pattern yet.....just need it for my winter school wardrobe cause the kiddos pulled and tugged holes into my other one last year and it had to be retired!.....(Knit or Crocheted)

7. Bell Sleeved Tunic.....wanted to make this last year and didn't get to it.......Beige or the multi colored I LOve This Yarn in stash from the "baby blanket gone wrong".......(Crochet)

8. The Wavelength Scarf....crocheted in knitpicks yarn to match winter coat...........(Crochet)

9. Baby blanket for Steph from work......due in April.....won't find out sex of baby like last time......have a few patterns in mind..........(Knit or Crocheted)

There you go......those who love me.....keep me on task!!!!! ROFLOL

Sing with me...You Don't Know What You Got.........

...till you look in the closet!!!.....hehehehe

I put on the safety glasses and opened the door!

I went looking for pink yarn for Seymour (please see next post...).

And I came out with:

A pompom maker....I may want to make some in the next century......maybe

Stitch markers...I need them!!!

2 crochet hooks....one being an H....and you know you can't have too many H's.....I have about......6!

Big plastic rings to hang potholders on.

Brand new never used little knitting needle holders to keep your knitting on the needles.....man! I just bought new ones! lol

3 size 10 bamboo double points...where did number 4 go???????

A big stitch holder.

My row counter! woohoo! Didn't want to buy a new one!

Lishy!!!!! I found 3 circs!!!!! All bamboo and not cheap!!!They did not run off to Hawaii like I thought!!!!!!

And yarn......of course yarn! Duhhhhh people!!!!!! =)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Somebody throw me a life jacket!!!

Water is wrecking havoc in my life it seems...

First yesterday and the panty fiasco...

And now today...

I am being a little lazy yarnchick today. Spent a few hours online with Lola, knitting some, looking for new patterns, and not much else...

So I finally decide it's time to get my butt out of the chair and get ready for the day...

Taking a nice leisurely bubble bath, listening to sappy music, minding my own business...

When water starts pouring down from above! No I didn't decide at the last minute to take a shower!!!

It was pouring out of the exhaust fan...from above...from my smelly food new neighbors! UGH!!!

It wasn't bad enough that their smelly food comes through my vents at all hours of the day and night...I have come to realize it might be a good diet plan for me.....yucko!...but NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! now they gotta flood my bathroom!

People...I CAN'T SWIM!!! Enough with the water please!!!

One last tidbit for today...

Lishy...I finally got 6 inches, but you know I am going for 13! No matter how hard I work at it or how long...how I pull it...how I stretch it...it ain't growing!....................hehehehe....I thought you could give me some advice cause .......................YOU ARE A WHORE!!!..................=)