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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Here

To my 2 faithfull readers....

I am not in the land of the Living. I am in the land of Fireworks....where life, time, braincells and happiness are sucked out of you.

I will return...don't worry!

And if you get lonely for me....you know where I will be!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

S Words

STUFF I've finished or worked on this week.

For a SPIFFY Friend....A crocheted fortune cookie.

SUPER THONG...followed the pattern and it is huge! Will make another teeny tiny. SPUD!!!! I bet it will fit you! hehehe

SHIT! ....I'm so not wanting to work on this blanket! But I have the deadline of May 24th. UGH!

SIMPLY a cupcake!

SUDS......a ballband dishcloth for my S-I-L.


That be me!

Crocheted freeform with stash cotton.