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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Weren't in Kansas Anymore!

Ok, we (Lishy and I) planned this adventure awhile ago. Head to Indy to Mass Ave for some yarn, head back and eat at Logan's , and do some other shopping in Greenwood. No problem, right???

Here's a clue : She looks like Amelia Earhart in that hat.......yep......Miss "I know the address and how to get there"! lol

It's not like we haven't been there countless times before, right???

We first missed our exit! Then instead of the easy fix and simply turning around....we ended up in Beech Grove!

Passed a Gladstone Avenue and also realized I'd been to Beech Grove before when we passed the bar which was one of the stops on the last benefit ride I rode on........ both things pissing me off cause I left town today to get my mind off a certain........hmmmmmm.......lets see what their name will be today....ok..... DUMBASS LOSER???? Yep! that works! ARGHHHHHH!

We did eventually and luckily make it to Mass Ave. and we both got fantabulous yarn! weeeeeee!

Heading back to Greenwood we ran into a road closure! WTF! I was really hoping to end up in Hawaii! We figured out how to get around it thankfully!

We did well and didn't over eat at Logan's! Our waiter was a lefty! Smart boy! He got a nice tip! Weeeeeeeeeee!

We did lots of shopping for the wedding.

Seriously???? I really think I should wear these in my hair, don't you??? =)~

One big honking red flower for my bouquet! I think it's a plan!!!! hehehe

Lishy thinks we should wear these, and only these at the bachelorette party! I'm of course game! ROFLOL!

Ok......nap time! =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kinda here???

I made it through another summer fireworks season. Like always.....think this will have been my last! lol

Got to hang out with good friends, see old friends, meet amazing new people...but along with all that I had the usual drama! =( UGH!

The teenager is back with me 24/7.

And lets not forget the "elephant ankles"! OMG! That was so gross and soooooooo painful!

Now its time to enjoy my vacation till school starts back up. Am cleaning house.....in both ways....my real house and just cleaning and weeding the drama and losers from my life!

Haven't really been into the yarn so much. I can still feel the want of it, to do something amazing....just going through a downtime. Should pick back up after the "yarn crawl!"