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Friday, June 16, 2006

Shoes For Heather

These "croccs" are made by Airwalks and we got them at Payless Shoes. They look so cute for us "fireworks sales people" and they are so comfortable.

Felted Bowl Hat

The Brat grabbed the bowl I am going to felt and was running around wearing it as a hat! We have wayyyyyyyyyy too much time on our hands waiting for fireworks customers. LOL

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Firecracker Halter

I finished Ella's fourth of July halter today at the fireworks store, how funny!

It looks like the flag of Texas, I think. haha Right Cathy? Or am I just really tired from living at the store?

She got some red, white and blue crocs to go with it.

#1 My First Felted Purse!

Dee and I finally finished our purses we were knitting in our "Buddy Knit" together. We used a pattern in "Bags, A Knitter's Dozen". We both used Lion Brand Wool. I used the color Flower Garden. I don't remember the exact color name for hers.

This was our first felted bag for both of us.

As you can see, hers is a little smaller, remember that........

And here we go.................................................

#2 Swish Swish

We threw them in the washer with some towels and away we went........................... to watch the clock.

#3 We have Felted Purses

Well as you can see, Dee's shrunk wayyyyyy more than mine. Mine is still really huge. I think I can still try and felt it again and see what happens. Over all.... a really fun first time felting experience!

Little Green Felted Purse

After seeing "Crazy Aunt Purl's" little bracelet bag I came up with my own. I used Patons Classic Wool in Leaf Green. The bracelets came from Wal- Mart.


It took about 10 minutes to felt it. I love how cute it turned out! I will be making more felted purses, they are so much fun! Also, next I am going to make some felted bowls.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another Halter

I made this little halter for Ella the other day. The pattern is from the new issue of Creative Knitting. I made it longer than the pattern shows because Ella doesn't want to show her tummy. LOL
I used Caron Simply Soft in Limelight and Red Hearts Sherbert for the i cord ties.

Last Years Halter

Ella came to the fireworks store wearing her little halter I made her last year. I think she looks so cute in it!

I got the pattern last year off a girl on Craftster.

I am making her another one similar to it right now that's red, white, and blue. Should have it finished tomorrow or the next day.

She's Ok, Thank God!

Well it's been two weeks today and The Brat is doing nicely.

She flipped her dad's four wheeler! She and her cousin were going over a little hill and she turned too fast and when her cousin was falling off the back she pulled The Brat off with her. My precious Brat landed face first on the ground and her cousin landed on her!

The Brat has a broken collar bone, a fractured jaw and blood behind her eyes!

The cousin had 2 bumps on the front of her head and a big gash on the back of her head that needed 16 staples.

Do I want her ever to get on the four wheeler again????????????? NO! Do I ever want her out of my sight again???????? No!

But kids will be kids and she is such a trooper! I am so thankful it wasn't worse and I am so glad she's doing so well healing.

Summer Job

The fireworks store is all put together nicely now....that is until the next truck with 300 more boxes comes. Groan!

I shouldn't complain really. It's an easy job..... you just sit there for 8 hours a day and a few people come in to buy firecrackers or bottle rockets.People always wait to the last minute. The week of the 4th is the craziest. Then you don't have time to go to the bathroom and it's wall to wall shoppers.

This year I am bringing my knitting and crocheting. It helps pass the time and I am getting quite a lot of FO's done.