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Sunday, June 04, 2006

She's Ok, Thank God!

Well it's been two weeks today and The Brat is doing nicely.

She flipped her dad's four wheeler! She and her cousin were going over a little hill and she turned too fast and when her cousin was falling off the back she pulled The Brat off with her. My precious Brat landed face first on the ground and her cousin landed on her!

The Brat has a broken collar bone, a fractured jaw and blood behind her eyes!

The cousin had 2 bumps on the front of her head and a big gash on the back of her head that needed 16 staples.

Do I want her ever to get on the four wheeler again????????????? NO! Do I ever want her out of my sight again???????? No!

But kids will be kids and she is such a trooper! I am so thankful it wasn't worse and I am so glad she's doing so well healing.

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WookWitch said...

You were sooo lucky! Lola wants to kick some grown-up's booty really durn hard!!!!