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Sunday, October 17, 2010


The weather has been beautiful! So not ready for socks, cold, gloomies,winter depression! =(

Have figured out that I am not good with BIG projects. I get bored, I put them down, and then they either sit there for years or....

So......smaller projects planned.

Knit one row of the Blue Blob and threw it back down. Am trying really hard to get it finished. Maybe I will force myself to knit atleast 2 rows (200 plus stitches per row) every day. I might get it done in a few weeks???

Crocheted on the bathroom rug. 2 Lady Antebellum cds= 8 rows! =) I have about 10 more inches to go on it. I can't wait. It is so cheerful looking!

Gonna eat some supp and then gonna read on my 900 page book. It totally floored me when I found that I've been reading on it since 2006! OMG! Yes, I've read many books in between, duhhhh.....but geez, that's quite a long time!!!!

Oh, and one last thing....Lishy!!!! after talking to Jess, I did find a song for "giraffe"!!!! Woooooo!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bombs Away!

I yarn bombed my own car....again! lol

I love it! It makes me happy!

Lishy and I knit leaves at the laundry mat this past Sunday. It was fun to have a mini knit along! =)

Gonna yarn bomb the local park with them for fun! =)

I got 8 ready so far.