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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friday Night Yarn Fun!

The Knit and Crochet Chicks got together Friday night at Caroline's house. First of all I have to say her house is absolutely beautiful! I told her she was helping me decorate if I ever got a new house. LOL

I showed Sassy how to stitch her crocheted squares together. She is going to have a blanket done way before me! I keep getting sidetracked. I need to get all our squares put toghether soon!

Dee is working on our "buddy knit" felted purse. I love the color of hers!

Suzy casted on for her drop stitch ribbon scarf. I love the ribbon yarn she chose. It seems kinda tricky to knit with though. Hope she is doing well with it.

I showed Caroline how to do the long tail cast on. It took awhile to cast on 177 stitches. It will also be her first time using circulars. She is making a cute basket weave pattern blanket in hot pink for her daughter.

The night was fun!!!!!!!!!

And I can't forget the yummy chocolate covered strawberries and fruit pizza that Caroline served! It was delish!

Doin' The Dollar Tree Happy Dance!

After hearing about the $1.00 yarn at Dollar Tree, I can't stay away! I have to sneak over there at least twice a week to see if they have any new kinds in. This is what I picked up recently. And....NO!!!!! I did not just get one ball of each! LOL

A New Crocheter!

My friend Lisa came over the other day for a crochet lesson. It took about 5 minutes and she was crocheting away. Can't wait to catch up with her again soon and see how it's going. It was fun to get together and great to have another crafter friend.
The camera was charging so I didn't get to snap a picture but I will make sure I get one next time.

Purse for Ella

For Ella's 4th birthday I picked up this cute blue jean and leather purse at Hobby Lobby. I crocheted the cute butterfly and flower on with Caron Simply Soft Brites.

When Ella was told I made the purse and flip flops, she said : "I am so proud of you!".

How sweet!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Fuzzy Fur Feet

My neice Ella's birthday party is this coming Sunday. She will be four years old. I made these flip flops for her today, while home with the sick Brat. It took about an hour. Her favorite color is pink. I think she will love them!

Sneezy Smoocheys!

My little neice, Ella, calls anything cute and cuddley "Smoocheys". So here's a picture of our cute furballs who I just might, I said maybe, be allergic to. They were a month old on Easter.


Dee and I are doing a "Buddy Knit". We love the look of felted bags so we are making our first together. I haven't worked much on it due to being sick. I do have more rows since this picture was taken though. We got the pattern from "Bags, A Knitter's Dozen".

Back From Beyond

Well, I'm finally back! Haven't posted in a while! I was really sick last week with a sinus infection and a migrane from HECK! I spent 3 days laying in bed with a pillow over my head!
Now the Brat is sick today so we are home from school, The Man thinks he has a hernia, and I think I am allergic to the kitties.
It's gonna get better! =)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Knit and Crochet Chicks Field Trip!

Friday night the Chicks got together and did a little yarn shopping at Hobby Lobby.
It was so much fun!
We were going to ask a stranger to take our picture. We are such goof balls! Luckily we ran into one of our children's teachers , who was happy to click a shot of us!

Dee's Stash

Dee bought wool yarn to make a felted purse. We are going to make them together as a "buddy knit". Should be fun!

She got a needle guage, some little sock shaped needle protectors and a bunch of free patterns.

She also wanted to show her Captain D's cup . We ate there first before we went shopping. Yum!

Suzy's Stash

Suzy got a really neat drop stitch scarf pattern from a friend. She bought ribbon yarn to make it and she also got more yarn for another scarf and some baby yarn.
I also talked her into trying some bamboo needles because I've been hooked on them since I got mine last week.

Caroline's Stash

Caroline bought some baby yarn for our charity blankets and a really cute yarn for a scarf for her little girl.
She also brought her stash that she has accumilated since she got the knitting bug a few weeks ago. I think she likes pink!
And I love the scarf she is making because she will match me and Suzy.

Sassy's Stash

Sassy bought some pretty yarn that amusingly matched her outfit. LOL

And Lets Not Forget My Stash!

I , of course, being the most yarn obsessed, spent the most moola! But I was happy with all my purchases and love my free pattern sheets!

If you look on the t.v. behind me you can see the bad weather headed our way. We were under tornado warnings twice.

Caroline left before the storms hit to go be safe with her family.

The rest of us stuck it out together.


The storms were not going to stop us from getting our crochet groove on. LOL

I tought the girls how to make granny squares and we all ended up with a granny cup coaster at the end of the night.

The Knitter's Mascot

Knitters know that sheep and lambs are their "mascot". I couldn't resist getting these two cuties. I named them Knit and Bit. They are so soft and cuddly.