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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Knitty Kitty

I was doing my laundry at The Man's house today and I went in the other room to check on my clothes and when I came back I found..........Mama Kitty relaxing in my knitting case. She's so funny!!!!

More Magazines Oh My!

New knitting and crochet magazines are popping up at the stores with awesome Spring things in them. I couldn't resist buying them!

Spring Break Blues

Well tomorrow is the last day of our Spring Break. It sure went fast! It wasn't that warm and it wasn't very sunny.

I knitted this scarf the day it snowed. Tuesday. I used the Yarn Bee Elf eyelash yarn in Blueberry. I love the color and I love how I made it really long and skinny. I knitted 12 stitches per row in garter stitch on size 11 needles. I have named it Spring Break Blue.

I took a picture of the scarf on me but it scared me how big my double chin was. LOL! So "Heady" was ever so gracious to model it for me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finished Something!

I finished the shawl for my sister in law. Her birthday was last Monday, so I am a tiny bit late. She sure could have used it today in this crappy cold snowy weather.

It was an easy pattern. It was a crocheted half granny square. I used Moda Dea Ricochet in the Swing colorway. I used a size N crochet hook.

Hope she likes it. She saw it already when it was half finished and she picked out the yarn so I should be ok.

We still haven''t figured out how she wants to close it. We will figure that out when I give it to her.


Well Mama Kitty had her kittens on Sunday. She kept running around the house "talking". We knew something was up. The Man made her a special box to have them in out of a tote. We left for awhile and when we came back she had one kitten......on The Man's bed!!!!! haha

When The Man and The Brat got up the next morning she had had 3 more kittens. They are so cute. I really want to take one home to my house when they get bigger. But.....I really hate the smell of kitty litter! =(

Spring Break?????????

It's Spring Break this week and.....last night it snowed! It depressed me so much I didn't take a picture! I was so hoping for nice weather and we get this crap! All my friends are out of town, somewhere warm. NO FAIR!!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hoopin it up

The Brat celebrated her 13th birthday on Friday. She is now officially a teenager and I am officially a mother of a teenager. UGH!

WE got her an ipod nano. She now hogs the pcdownloading her music and doesn't share it with Me!

She got a hula hoop thingy from a friend for her birthday. She tried it out with her cousin today. Notice how she is camera shy like her mom!

A BIG LOT of yarn

I heard a rumor that the local Big Lots had dollar yarn. So I just had to go and check it out! Here's my purchases! I just couldn't stop myself. I am YARN CRAZY!!!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Nothing better, in my opinion, than a Saturday spent shopping for yarn and such! I asked my friend Dee to be my "partner in crime" for the day. What crime were we commiting???? The crime of having too much fun and probably breaking the bank. LOL

Our first stop was a local yarn store, Cottage Knits, which I drive by everyday but have never been in. I was "sceered" to go by myself , for two reasons, because I don't like to go anywhere by myself, it's not as fun, and because I needed someone wise with me to stop me from buying one of everything!

The store was so cute and the owner so nice and informative.

Dee and I both fell in love with the felted bags! I WANT TO MAKE ONE NOW!!!! They are so cute!

I wanted to buy some self striping yarn for socks but Dee did a good dead and stopped me. I haven't tried to make any socks yet and I already have yarn here to try. Why by more sock yarn, she said, if I don't know if I will like it or not. Great Idea Dee!!!

I did end up buying 2 magazines and The Happy Hooker ,which I have waited months to be published!

We headed for another local yarn store. Knitty Paws. We had never been here before either.

It was in a barn behind a farm house. How cool is that to have your very own store right outside your back door. That's what I want!!!!

We enjoyed petting the yarn and the store's owner was so sweet and helpful. She even printed me out a sweater pattern.

We both bought matching yarn. Needful Minerva. It was 50% off. We probably will make scarves out of it.

After taking a food break at Taco Bell. YUM! We headed for Michael's. I was so P.O.d. They had tons and tons of Lion Brand Thick and Quick, which I originally needed and couldn't find for my "Bobblicious". If it turns out good in Homespun , I am headed back here to get more yarn to make another one!

I ended up buying a magazine, yes another one, that I didn't have and.......some Easter presents for The Brat. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell her.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I got a big canning jar to put my needles in. I think it looks cool. Thanks Dee for the idea!

We went next door to Hobby Lobby. Why is there two craft stores next to each other, we asked ourselves?????

I bought a circular needle and some beautiful eyelash yarn. It is Yarn Bee Elf in Bluberry colorway. I thought the color was awesome. Dee got the same yarn in a pretty peach multi color. We are going to make scarves for ourselves out of it.
A Hooks and Books roadtrip would not be complete without a trip to a book store! We went to Half Price Books, my "home away from home". Well, it turned out to be Half Crazy!!! They were remodeling and all the books were squished into a teeny tiny space. No fun! We each still got two books.

Thank you Thank you Dee for going on this fun fun fun trip with me. Hope you enjoyed it as much as me! We are both now broke but hey......I'm already planning the next one!!! LOL

Another FO

I finally finished my neice Ella's striped poncho. It was crocheted with Simply Soft Brites. I love that yarn! The only thing with this poncho I didn't like was all the ends to weave in. UGH!!!!

Hope she likes it.

Knitting Night

We got together on Friday night for Knitting and Crocheting. As always, it was great and fun!!!!!!!

Dee and Suzy had fun "frogging" one of Dee's projects.

Suzy and I showed off our matching scarves. We both used Yarn Bee Frosting in Candy Dots colorway. Suzy is now going to make a matching hat.

We all welcomed our newest member, Caroline. She fit in wonderfully and I hope she had a good time.

Sassy was there too. She's doing great on her crochet!