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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Nothing better, in my opinion, than a Saturday spent shopping for yarn and such! I asked my friend Dee to be my "partner in crime" for the day. What crime were we commiting???? The crime of having too much fun and probably breaking the bank. LOL

Our first stop was a local yarn store, Cottage Knits, which I drive by everyday but have never been in. I was "sceered" to go by myself , for two reasons, because I don't like to go anywhere by myself, it's not as fun, and because I needed someone wise with me to stop me from buying one of everything!

The store was so cute and the owner so nice and informative.

Dee and I both fell in love with the felted bags! I WANT TO MAKE ONE NOW!!!! They are so cute!

I wanted to buy some self striping yarn for socks but Dee did a good dead and stopped me. I haven't tried to make any socks yet and I already have yarn here to try. Why by more sock yarn, she said, if I don't know if I will like it or not. Great Idea Dee!!!

I did end up buying 2 magazines and The Happy Hooker ,which I have waited months to be published!

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