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Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Dark

This PINK chick did her GREEN part tonight. I turned off the lights and went un-plugged for Earth Hour.

I had all the makings of a romantic make-out session going on......the apartment was dimly lit with scented candles, 80's sappy love songs were playing in the background, and I was wearing something cleavage revealing..........just one thing missing........A MAN! ROFLOL!

So how did I spend my hour in the dark???? Well, I actually tried to knit. How hard would it be to knit stockinette???? I got half a row of the teenager's tank and split the yarn on a stitch. Instead of making it worse or trying to fix it with the sight of a bat I put it down.

I spent the rest of the hour watching the lightening and contemplating life's mysteries!

Note to self.....see if they make those light up knitting needles in circulars....

Now the lights are back on, the smell of orange dreamsicles lingers in the air, and the knit stitch is fixed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

In a few short hours it will be back to the old work grind!

This Spring Break was actually pretty damm good!!!

So the enjoyable things all wrapped up together....

Sunshine, warmness, PINKness, flip flops, shopping, The teenager's 16th Birthday,Nashville, palm reading, finished baby blanket, sister lunch,Tapatios, outlet mall, yarn ball fondling, special handshake, lots of laughter, camels,tanning bed, knit a baby bib, pink yarn, Indy knit shop, Logan's Steakhouse, chocolate on my ass, laundry matness, and.......THE EDWARD (Twilight)!!!!!!!!

It was all good! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A napkin is not always a napkin...

The Teenager and I went to lunch with Julie and Jeanne today. Tapatios. Yum!

Jeanne out of the blue holds up her napkin and says "This is my shrug". It looked like a napkin to me! ROFLOL!

I knew what she meant.......she had crocheted a basic rectangle shrug and I had given her sewing up directions months ago...she hasn't sewn it up yet and wanted a reminder lesson........but she made me laugh so hard!!!!!

If you look closely I drew her directions on the napkin including where to insert arms! hehehehe

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gracie got the Clap!

Gracie as in concrete goose Gracie! hehehehe

Clap as in The Dummy Clap shawl pattern!

Mindless knitting for the time spent at the laundry with Lishy when I am talking so much I can't follow a pattern.

I used one skein of I Love This Yarn in sport weight. and yes!!!!! my friends there is OF COURSE some PINK in that Clap!!!!!!! =)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pink of the Week(7)

Wal*Mart has something very awesome for Easter! Goodies displayed by color!


Pink lollipops, cotton candy, Kisses, Reese cups, Pink chocolate bunnies, my favorite pink Peep bunnies, and even pink cherry drink mix!

I looked at the teenager who was rolling her eyes at me while I was snapping this picture and said that I thought it would be totally fantastic to have a totally pink Easter basket!...hint hint hint...... I don't think she got it.

Also not pictured.....I got another stuffed pink Peep bunnie for the collection....

And the teenager got another pair of Nikes last night that were black and hot pink. wonder how long she will have these till she gets bored and I can "borrow" them.......hehehehe