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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pink of the Week(7)

Wal*Mart has something very awesome for Easter! Goodies displayed by color!


Pink lollipops, cotton candy, Kisses, Reese cups, Pink chocolate bunnies, my favorite pink Peep bunnies, and even pink cherry drink mix!

I looked at the teenager who was rolling her eyes at me while I was snapping this picture and said that I thought it would be totally fantastic to have a totally pink Easter basket!...hint hint hint...... I don't think she got it.

Also not pictured.....I got another stuffed pink Peep bunnie for the collection....

And the teenager got another pair of Nikes last night that were black and hot pink. wonder how long she will have these till she gets bored and I can "borrow" them.......hehehehe

1 comment:

spud's bud said...

Lucky you!
Just be thankfully your not hung up on orange.