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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do What you Say...

I talk to myself, I admit it! I can give myself some good advice too!

Am doing well in the "self-worth" department! Being strong and not settling for half-ass!

But wouldn't you know, got slapped in the face today with a reminder. The reminder of not one but two people that didn't find me worthy. I keep saying "Their loss! " I choose who is in my life now!

So...... here's some advice for you....Do what you say you are going to do or don't freaking say it in the first place! No matter how small or how big.....if you say you are going to do it, then DO IT!!!

I am sure you probably have no clue what I am rambling about....but I do! ....and that's all that matters! =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Routines and Ruts

Got back into the routine of working this week......Blahhhhh.......but I need a paycheck. I have 29 kiddos in my class this year! OMG! That's a lot of tiny bodies to know the where abouts of....UGH! But knock on wood, seems like they are wayyyyy calmer than last years bunch.

Had the usual routine of Laundry/ Lishy today that also included the routine of yarny stuff. I finished a crocheted dishcloth. Lishy.......welllllllllllllllll....even though I know what she was working on......that picture still looks sooooooooooooooooooo WRONG! ROFLOL! and she is even bowing to her creation! =)~

and last but not least.....I live in the fear of getting back into a rut of being a hermit. But I don't know how to stop myself......and I keep listening to that voice inside me that keeps telling me that isn't it easier and safer to hide from the drama???

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Clay Day 2010

It was the annual Clay Day at a gallery in Brown County today. This was the fourth year we have went with my sister and Jeanne. It was a beautiful day, not hot at all!

I was excited that they had a blue glaze this year!!!

Blue again.lol

Jessie got her boyfriend in on the action.

My sister Julie's creation.

Jeanne's masterpiece!

Friday, August 06, 2010


I get in these phases where I either don't knit or crochet at all or I have to be doing something mindless...

So.....I've been working on dishcloths again. I needed to build my stash up again anyways.

But as usual when Amy gets the cotton out....YES!!! She wants more and more! lol

Also working on the pink garter shawl. it's big enough for a cat now.lol

It's completely mindless too....just wish the yarn was softer. Would make it more enjoyable.

Ok.....I'm outta here....got to go look up new and exciting dishcloth patterns on ravelry!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Goods

Yesterday I got another sign at Flower Factory. I hung this one by the front door. I can use all the help I can get. lol

3 skeins of cotton because I've become a crazy dishcloth making woman again!
2 skeins of Happy Feet. They are such a pretty multi color. I want to make something really really bad with them NOW!....but haven't decided what, yet. lol
And 1 skein of Heritage sock yarn because I loved the blue one that Lishy got me for Christmas! I luvvvv this yarn!!!
I am trying to step out of my PINK zone. I am getting into blues more and may try some greens down the road. Still no RED! Absolutely detest that color and no Orange! Yuck!

My latest dishcloth. What a fun pattern! Chinese Waves.