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Saturday, June 28, 2008


As in my brain function.....as in my time left at the fireworks store.....as in my summer vacation that hasn't even begun...and as in my little dream world that I am trying to live in....

Brain Function... It's hard for anything to function on the little sleep I have been getting. It's a mixture of stress, too many thoughts running through my head, too much McDonald's Sweet Tea, and my uncontrollable and unfullfilled desire for a frap from Starbucks! oh...and ummmmm, those other desires I have.... hehehe

A week left at the store, well maybe longer, but after next Saturday it will be not as many hours, not as much stress. I am actually home right now on a Saturday morning when I should be there but.....HIM, who we will just call HIM, has his little girlfriend coming to visit and doesn't want the mean ex wife to over shadow her with her beauty.....ROFLOL!...Seriously.....I'm really hoping she doesn't show up till tonight and I can have the whole day and night off!!!!! .....but as you can see, I'm not doing anything special with my time off...I could be sleeping or something...but NO!!!! I'm typing this to you two!!!! hehehe

Summer vacation...was supposed to be 5 weeks fireworks, 6 weeks summer! But No!!! It looks like it's gonna be 7 weeks fireworks and 4 weeks summer dang it!!!! I can't wait though!!! Sleep late, more time to get things done, more fun!

Dream World... Not gonna say much about this...Just that I always want the OMG out of my reach kinda stuff. I have not been competition certified...so I just sit back and hope it goes my way. Maybe it will or maybe it won't. In the end we all end up where we are supposed to, right????

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Flood

I am finally back online after the flood on June 7.

I have pictures but still feel in shock about a lot of it so I will hold off on posting them till a later date.

I am thankful thatI did not lose my home, even though the summer business was effected.

What I have learned from this disaster...

When it happened , all I wanted to know was that the people I cared about were safe and ok. ( My daughter was safe...I was with Lishy... other friends checked in with texting, one swam the flood waters and almost drowned, not to get to me but away from me!...still dealing with that....and I waited frantically for one person to contact me on myspace and was releived finally to get that message! So...I learned who I really cared about! And I learned who cared about me! It was surprising! Eye opening!

My heart goes out to those I care about that lost something or all in the flood. Wish I could blink my eyes and make that day never have happened or to wrap them in my arms and some how make it all better! I feel so hopeless! and also so isolated, stuck at the store all day and night when I wanna be out helping!

When I can get my mind to grasp it more I will post my day of the flood adventures. But right now, it's off to bed to hopefully dream of better days!

Stay safe my readers, my friends! I love you!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wanna Get Cozy with Me???

I am on a cozy kick!

My car antenna!

My steering wheel!

And....the poles in front of the store!


Lishy....thanks...I think.....

The definition of a zompire????? Well yes, I feel like the walking dead......you would too if you were chained to a building for 6 weeks.... and it's not a yarn store!!!!

But the vampire part???? Well....life is being sucked out of me...but what am I sucking?????hehehehe

Lishy you know damm well it's been 401 days!!!!!

Ok....enough about that... Oh, wait....spuds.....maybe you driving by and seeing a hole instead of the store would have been a good thing. Then I would either be dead...well that's not good....or I could have a longer less stressful summer. lol

I tried to quit last night.....after getting a guilt trip...I remain there. I am too nice dammit!

Yarn related......finished the cozies for the poles. Need to get them on when the rain stops .

Gonna start a new project today....

Hugs my friends!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


That's all I got to say right now. ..........