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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Moment of Insanity...

I started a short sleeved top-down cardi......last weekend, the weekend before???

Simple enough. Cast on 84 stitches. Knit in stockinette for 9 and a half inches. Easy peasy!

Lalalalala.......14 millions years later....I finally reach the 9 and a half inches and this is where the insaneness begins...

I must place all these stitches on a holder and then proceed to pick up 26 stiches twice on the other side...

After a "laundry mat lesson" from Lishy I managed to pick up the stitches using a crochet hook and using some very choice words.....MANY CHOICE WORDS!!!

Was very proud of myself till I saw I picked up the stitches using a circular needle and the needle was not just twisted in the middle of the two sections, the sections were backwards from each other!!!


Used another needle to move half the stitches and replace them correctly onto needle.

Knit two rows! And... it looks good. I picked up good teacher Lishy! Wooooooooo

But does the insanity end there? No, of course not. I am knitting this thing which looks like a crazy jumble...similar to my life...with two circular needles hanging out of it and 2 balls of yarn attached and.....I read further into the directions....when I get done with the two fronts I have to place them on holders too.....meaning I am gonna have 4 needles poking out of the thing.....


We shall see if I can tackle this and succeed or will it get thrown across the room.

I need a drink now or some chocolate!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Today in Amy's World...

Let's see if I can get things in the right order of happening...

Over the hoodie....cast on for new project.....120 stitches, got to 40 and said forget that shit!

Looked at some nice ARMS! roflol! =)~

Went to Wally and didn't like the first cart, it's wheel was wobbley, so got another......that kept getting louder and LOUDER as I pushed it along....people were staring!

Got home and was being Super Woman and trying to get everything taken out of the Jeep in one load. Made it to the kitchen where the 12 pack of pop went flying out of my hands!...So now I got an 8 pack, a sticky rug, and the lovely after smell of diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Got a new knitting magazine and it has the pattern I want in it. Have I cast on???? Ummmm no. I am obsessed with youtube and bejeweled.lol

Till the next update.........Arrrrrrrrr! I'm a turtle! =)~