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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Year of the Afghan

2007 was the year of the dishcloth. Over 100 of them to be exact. They were fun to make and helped to fill the time, especially at the firework's store when my mind was off in so many places.

This year is probably gonna be the year of the afghan. This first one is for me, my livingroom. It's to snuggle under and keep me warm when I am watching a dvd in my sexless, manless life. Hehe! That sounds depressing!

It looks kinda red, white, and blue on my computer...it isn't. It's burgundy, gray, and navy blue. It's out of I Love This Yarn, and I actually do love this yarn! It's becoming my new yarn crack!

The next afghan will be for Phoebe's upcoming offspring. Can't wait to get started on that one!

What's your first project for 2008???


I've come out of retirement, exile, out from under the rock, or have excaped from myspace! lol!

Anyways...it's time to share the funs, the goofs, the crafts, the crazy out-takes of my life again with my trusty ...what do I have? 3 readers or 4????haha

I'm not gonna win the lottory anytime soon to have my craft store so I decided to come back here, make by blog witty and fun, become famous like The Yarn Harlot or the Mason-Dixon Girls! Then I might even get to publish a book......

It could be with Cathy, my bestest, we could call it....hmmmm, let me think...."Ivonna and Lola's Quick Crafts,when you really need a drink, want sex, or the kids are driving you nuts and you locked yourself in the closet". Sounds catchy doesn't it???? Cathy are you in????

So....let me think of what I need to update you on...I think everyone knows most of it...lets see...
Well...just ask if you wanna know anything...lol

Ok, I am going to go take a picture of my first project for 2008. Be back in a few!!!

Love you!