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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Flood

I am finally back online after the flood on June 7.

I have pictures but still feel in shock about a lot of it so I will hold off on posting them till a later date.

I am thankful thatI did not lose my home, even though the summer business was effected.

What I have learned from this disaster...

When it happened , all I wanted to know was that the people I cared about were safe and ok. ( My daughter was safe...I was with Lishy... other friends checked in with texting, one swam the flood waters and almost drowned, not to get to me but away from me!...still dealing with that....and I waited frantically for one person to contact me on myspace and was releived finally to get that message! So...I learned who I really cared about! And I learned who cared about me! It was surprising! Eye opening!

My heart goes out to those I care about that lost something or all in the flood. Wish I could blink my eyes and make that day never have happened or to wrap them in my arms and some how make it all better! I feel so hopeless! and also so isolated, stuck at the store all day and night when I wanna be out helping!

When I can get my mind to grasp it more I will post my day of the flood adventures. But right now, it's off to bed to hopefully dream of better days!

Stay safe my readers, my friends! I love you!!!


Lost Lishy said...

Aww! ::sniff sniff:: You are such a sweetheart.

spud's bud said...

I have never seen such caring in someone eyes before.I saw someone who cared about others in an unselfish way.You know what I mean there are people who "care"as a way to make them selfs feel better.You friend cares in a way that makes herself feel worse.The look that was stamped on her face when she talked about her boy was gut wrenching,but the look when she saw him was........well almost angelic.

Amy G. said...

Awh! You are making me blush now!

I do care so much about my little guy and am surprised that it was so obvious. My heart goes out to him and his family. They lost so much in that stinking flood!

spud's bud said...

Well do you feel complete now that you have your internet back.an don't forget tell them "no more dial up"
I just got back from The Happening.If you liked The Village you'll like this one.I thought it was a little better then The Village.

spud's bud said...

My definition of ironic:would be funny if it happened to someone else ex.My fortune cookie said"The wheels of fortune are rolling your way".When i get get home my wheel barrel full of wet straw has been run into by a car tipped over an the tire is flat. Maybe they didn't mean that wheel.
I don't know if it will help any of your people but if they fill out a form at the assessors office they may get a break on there taxes or something.I filled one out today an will just wait an see what happens with it.

Anneke said...

Great work.