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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Lishy....thanks...I think.....

The definition of a zompire????? Well yes, I feel like the walking dead......you would too if you were chained to a building for 6 weeks.... and it's not a yarn store!!!!

But the vampire part???? Well....life is being sucked out of me...but what am I sucking?????hehehehe

Lishy you know damm well it's been 401 days!!!!!

Ok....enough about that... Oh, wait....spuds.....maybe you driving by and seeing a hole instead of the store would have been a good thing. Then I would either be dead...well that's not good....or I could have a longer less stressful summer. lol

I tried to quit last night.....after getting a guilt trip...I remain there. I am too nice dammit!

Yarn related......finished the cozies for the poles. Need to get them on when the rain stops .

Gonna start a new project today....

Hugs my friends!


Lost Lishy said...

Lol I'm not answering some of those questions!!!!! For all of our sanity's sakes.

Cheeky, stop counting the days!!!!!

What project are ya gonna start? Huh? Huh? Huh?


Anonymous said...

I counted days when I quit smoking.You don't look like an ex-smoker.Or is it 401 since you had a properly prepared piece of chicken.401 since your last period....no....
Guilt can work both ways don't ya know ?
An there is only 1 reason for an attractive woman to go 402 an thats 'cause they have standards an morals.
Tell you what if you want I'll drop off carry out for y'all sometime thats got to help at least a little.