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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do What you Say...

I talk to myself, I admit it! I can give myself some good advice too!

Am doing well in the "self-worth" department! Being strong and not settling for half-ass!

But wouldn't you know, got slapped in the face today with a reminder. The reminder of not one but two people that didn't find me worthy. I keep saying "Their loss! " I choose who is in my life now!

So...... here's some advice for you....Do what you say you are going to do or don't freaking say it in the first place! No matter how small or how big.....if you say you are going to do it, then DO IT!!!

I am sure you probably have no clue what I am rambling about....but I do! ....and that's all that matters! =)

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spud's bud said...

You're right I have no idea.
But for what it's worth I do know that you are worth all the love and happiness you want.And when you get everything you deserve from life then all those that have let you down will see that it was their loss