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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A napkin is not always a napkin...

The Teenager and I went to lunch with Julie and Jeanne today. Tapatios. Yum!

Jeanne out of the blue holds up her napkin and says "This is my shrug". It looked like a napkin to me! ROFLOL!

I knew what she meant.......she had crocheted a basic rectangle shrug and I had given her sewing up directions months ago...she hasn't sewn it up yet and wanted a reminder lesson........but she made me laugh so hard!!!!!

If you look closely I drew her directions on the napkin including where to insert arms! hehehehe


Lost Lishy said...

Love (1)!

Too funny.

spud's bud said...


would ave been worth it just to see the people around y'all trying to figure out what y'all were doing