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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lost and Found

Sunday I was summoned to the store (Fireworks) to go through stuff that had been stored there.....they are gutting the place after flood damage and remodeling...

So I get there and see nothing that was mine...I tell him there is ONE thing that I would love to find but am not holding my breath....and that was the sweater I knit when I was 16 years old.

He asked me what it looked like, I told him....and his eyes got real big!

He found it the day before and ....gave it to the neighbor!

I was really upset! The one thing I thought was gone forever.....so close but still gone!

He actually went in the other room, made a phone call, and in a little bit I had my sweater back!!!!

Hell No! I am not gonna wear it! It was knit in the 80's. Oversized and I think I actually wore it with white harem pants.....ala MC Hammer!!!!! ROFLOL

I just want it to have it. Look! I was dedicated to my craft way back then! Man! There is no way I could knit row after row today without getting bored and throwing it across the room!!!! hehehe

I look at it and it still amazes me! What was I doing in all those hours of hours knitting....way before cable and dvds! lol

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool! You did a really good job, especially for your first sweater! I'm really glad you got it back!

This still won't let me publish as Wook Witch, but you know who I am!