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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sing with me...You Don't Know What You Got.........

...till you look in the closet!!!.....hehehehe

I put on the safety glasses and opened the door!

I went looking for pink yarn for Seymour (please see next post...).

And I came out with:

A pompom maker....I may want to make some in the next century......maybe

Stitch markers...I need them!!!

2 crochet hooks....one being an H....and you know you can't have too many H's.....I have about......6!

Big plastic rings to hang potholders on.

Brand new never used little knitting needle holders to keep your knitting on the needles.....man! I just bought new ones! lol

3 size 10 bamboo double points...where did number 4 go???????

A big stitch holder.

My row counter! woohoo! Didn't want to buy a new one!

Lishy!!!!! I found 3 circs!!!!! All bamboo and not cheap!!!They did not run off to Hawaii like I thought!!!!!!

And yarn......of course yarn! Duhhhhh people!!!!!! =)


Lost Lishy said...

Dang Cheeky! Maybe I should get you a big whiteboard to write down what went where lol.

Maybe the circs did run off to Hawaii and didn't tell you. Do they smell suspiciously like coconut?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have problems leaving comments? It never wants to recognize my identity...so now I think I'm having an identity crisis! :-(