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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day of Fondling!

Lishy and I had planned this day of Yarnny Goodness for a couple weeks now.

Bright and early on Saturday we hopped in her car.....ok...it wasn't that early...10:30.....and I actually didn't hop because I had a crappy night of non-sleep......but you get the drift....

Our first stop was Circle K to get big honking polar pops of much needed caffeine.

Then we were off to our first shop...

Clementine's. The store owner was very friendly and very helpful. It did not have huge amounts of yarn but it was nice. And!!!! She also sells awesome fabrics!!! She even had fabric with cupcakes on it!!!!! To die for!!!! I wanted to call up Lola and tell her to get her booty up here!!! I bought some yarn and some magnets. Lishy bought some yummy colored yarn and some fabric for a secret project for.......ME!!!!

Our next stop was in Indy. Mass Ave. Lishy had been there before....this was my maiden voyage and I will say I was sunk to say the least! I think my mouth hung open for a good hour upon entering the shop!

It was awesome! Big! Friendly! Cluttered! It looked lived in and loved! And there was ummmmmm.....freaking HUGE amounts of yarn!!!!!!

We hung out with Dru, a worker and fellow yarn lover! He was very nice and very helpful. We just had the one issue of him thinking my knitting was "wrong" when we all know it is "different"!!!!

We were going to go to two other shops but decided to just hang out at Mass Ave. for a while and then head on home.

Here's my wonderful, yummy, new friends!

I am so excited that I actually now own 4 yarn cakes!!!!!!

And...here is the fun new magnets....you can make up your own sentences and phrases that are yarn related....

Of course.....my mind went elsewhere with the last one!!!!!! ROFLOL!!!!!

Lishy!!!!! A great day my friend!!!!

When is the next roadtrip?????????.........=)


Lost Lishy said...

So much fun! Has it sunk in yet? lol

Next road trip.... We'll get it plotted soon enough!

Anonymous said...

What is a yarn cake? Do they unravel and rewrap the yarn for you? That would be nice unless you like to do it yourself and fondle your own balls!

You should decide what you want out of that fabric and let me know and either go back and get some or find out who the manufacturer is and we'll find it on the internet!

I think you need something made out of that fabric. If you can't think of anything else, well then at least a table runner!

Anonymous said...

We just played with Fluff!!!!! How cute!

spud's bud said...

You had me worried for a minute.I was afraid you were going to say you put out ex-lax brownies.