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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The damm tank is done...and other stuff........

Finally!!!! The Tank is finished! It don't fit! It has lots of mistakes, mine and from the pattern writer, but IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!

If you look at the picture closely...no I am not Frankenknit's Bride and have a needle through my neck....I just slipped my head through it to get a picture! hehehe

It does bring back memories of Wal-Mart and getting stuck in that dress with the hanger attached! Right , Lishy?????? ROFLOL

I think Lishy actually finished hers last night too. The last text from her before I took heavy doses of cold medicine told me she had one strap done.

Here it is on Maizy! Looks good on a plastic body! lol

I took the picture , threw the tank across the room one last time and called it a day!


Other stuff of the week..... I had a knitters elbow flare-up! So I am gonna crochet for awhile to give it a rest.....I broke my bra at work! That was quite exciting! And luckily I had a printed shirt on so no one thankfully could see my blow-out! hehehe.....I got a horrible cold! Probably from one of the kids. Gotta take more vitamins!.....I had a big itch on the leg the other day and kept scratching and scratching....figured it was a bug bite....got home from work and decided to have a look at it. I found a bruise as big as my hand! Did I scratch so hard to give myself the bruise or did the bruise itch???? And!!!! I don't remember running my leg into anything that big or hard to leave that bad of bruise. Weird to say the least!........Yesterday the neighbors flooded my bathroom again! UGH! But I thank goodness had no water issues of my own at the laundry mat! lol

Since Lishy and I did laundry yesterday instead of our usual Sunday thingy....today is free! I am gonna take my kleenex and my crocheting and veg on the couch with Charmed Season 1.


Lost Lishy said...

Yes, I finished my tank last nite too. Weather be damned, I'm wearing it today to the reunion, then I can throw it in the bottomless closet lol. (I'm taking my mystery shawl too in case I get chilled.)

Enjoy your meds and Charmed!

Anonymous said...

Sound like you had quite a week.I didn't have to look closely at the picture I noticed the needles first thing.Hope you have lots of NyQuil.you know the night time sniffling sneezing how in the hell did I end up here cold medicine,you got to love any medicine that comes with its own shot glass.
Enjoy you couch time an our meds take care an hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks really good on Maizy; why does it stretch down so low on you? Doesn't make since. Or do you just have bigger 'ens then Maizy Lou? LOL!