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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


One more my friends for 2008!

I didn't drink much at all this year.....so I would guess it was Dee.

As most of you know, I am a song whore.....so I usually really like my call tone on my phone....so call me and you can hear atleast one of the faves. hehehe

Cathy......who definitely earned that award this year when I trusted her with some stuff! I love you my friend!

time spent with friends, Sundays with Lishy, 2 visits this year from Cathy!

The Flood of course and dealing with the idiots in my life!lol

Hmmmm???? I would say Thanksgiving! The food was yummy Dee and I got to see Cathy the next day!

Twilight!!!! and Mama Mia!

myself and some chocolate. =)

my friends of course!

a knitty kitty

didn't eat out much this year.......probably Carino's and Tapatios.

Do you even need to ask????? The Fucktard! UGH!

To say No to Cereal Killer!

to keep going like I am going and hope for the best.

I wasn't drunk! lol

Well I didn't have cable...so I would say Charmed on dvd.

All my friends are loyal. If you weren't...you'd be outta here! =)

Would my obsession for pink be a change or just an added quirkyness????? hehehe

To be myself no matter what!

Happy New Year my friends!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!

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spud's bud said...

Never forget your friends are luck to have you!