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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year in Yarn 2008

All things Yarny.....

As I predicted in January, it was the year of the afghan. 5 to be exact. 3 baby and two big ones......ummmmmm 3 of them are still not finished.....but almost!

5 Buddy Knits! The #%*&$ tank and the shrug with Lishy. The zigzag scarf and cowl with Spuds, and the special olympic scarves with Cathy.

A road trip with Lishy to Clementine's and Mass Ave. Too much fun! We soooooooooooo gotta do it again!

2 thongs. The Super thong and the candy corn one. And No! neither will be modeled here for your veiwing pleasure! hehehehe

I helped my boss Laura get started on a log cabin blanket.

I cozied! lol.......2 poles, a car antenna, a steering wheel, a phone, and even some frap bottles.

Most Monday nights I knit or crocheted at Dee's with the yarnchicks.

I "Knit -in- Public" every Sunday with my Lishy and 2 times at Starbucks with Spuds too.


I met the Yarn Harlot!!!!!

A good year, yes it was!


Anonymous said...

Meeting the Harlot was definitely a high point for me. Lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

One of my high points was my new Starbucks girl friend