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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frap Buzz

Bear with me...I am still buzzing and o.d.ing on my fraps of earlier.....

I sneek up to the door and look through the peep hole...very rarely is it anyone good knocking on my door! lol

It is unique and done in the privacy of my own home!

Sure because it reminds me of myself!

I use all cuss words equally! hehehe



not if it's on the weekend.lol

the right

: all of my ex husbands personalities!

yep. can you?

I always was the flirty kind!

best friends suicide and divorce in the space of 2 months.

They make me curly!

I sure hope not!

I can put something in the microwave.........it sucks to cook for one person, so I don't. lol

I really like my pink bowls. hehehehe

I eat McDonalds often! ROFLOL!

well.........yes they have! But I kindly declined!

yes I do!

I know someone who is tri-polar!

of course!

to annoy people who have road rage!

I don't know...ask her...

in Kentucky!

I don't know and don't make me go see!

nope, not on the diet plan

Haven't heard it yet...

which one makes more money???

how about cookies and diet pepsi. I am lactose intollerant!




Reece Cups

What was the last bruise on your body? That would be the mysterious bruise on my thigh....remember???


Anonymous said...


I know you said your friend was coming up from Tennessee.But if something happens an she can't make it know this.You can come up here.Things got very weird an now it's just going to be my parents,sister her husband and me for Thanksgiving day.
You know I can't say anything I don't mean so once again.If your plans don't pan out your more then welcome here for a fun,safe.happy and well stocked day.

Lost Lishy said...

Psst. I updated. Your turn!