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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stabbing at Starbucks!

It sounds kind of frightening doesn't it??? Don't be sceeeeeeered! It is just Lishy's S.O.'s new name for our Knitting in Public.

STAB is short for Stitch and Bitch! lol

Which Lishy, Spuds, and I did today at our local happening Starbucks!

The lady behind me doesn't look too happy.....do you think it was what we were talking about....you know I always go to the gutter!hehehe

I didn't get a picture of the other woman who was very "fond" of Spuds! lol

Lishy knitting on her lacy scarf. She got a lot done while I yacked!

I did get 10 rows of my shrug done though!

I actually watched Spuds knit this time and yes he can! He is making a hat.

I have been told that I get to pick his next knitting project....a scarf! Maybe something pink.....funfur????? Calm down! Only kidding!

And other than hanging out with friends and getting my mind off the crappy stress of the last 24 hours I observed several things....

1. They play the most stupid music at Starbucks. One minute we were listening to heart wrenching tunes, then the next we were ready to fall asleep, and then they threw in some that we could probably square dance to!

2. Coming from me who likes to go nowhere alone.....why would you go into Starbucks by yourself and look at a magazine for hours.....was it really just a yarn stalker listening in on our fun????? hehehe

3. And last but not least......This chick will never drink....I REPEAT NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!........more than one frap in 24 hours! OMG! I am still bouncing up and down hours later!


spud's bud said...

So next time I'm making it my mission to get 3 Fraps in ya

Amy G. said...

Hell no! I would be dead! lol

I have just now come down from my frap high in the last half hour and will hopefully be able to go to sleep!

spud's bud said...

How about it I give to 2 Fraps and make you sit through one of my training classes?

Amy G. said...

Ok....and then you are gonna hear outragously loud snorting and giggling from the back of the room when you say..."After depositing your load, back out slowly!"......hehehehe