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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Story of a Scarf

I am doing a "Buddy Knit" with Spuds. It is the Zigzag scarf off the Lion Brand site.

We met at Hobby Lobby yesterday to get our stuff. I picked rasberry colored yarn for mine...they didn't have the new pink color dangit!......and Spuds got a green. I also threw some gadgets his way cause he's still fairly new to all this stuff. He got a row counter, some point protectors and a retractable measuring tape.

I came right home and started it. It seemed to go fast but others are assuming it is a race and are going faster!!! hehehe

I also took it to the laundry mat today. I got too caught up in one of my stories and messed up two rows. Lishy said tink. I didn't want to tink! I had a fearless moment and ripped out the needle, ripped out the two rows and inserted the needle back in ...in the space of about 20 seconds........I felt so powerful! Go me!.....Lishy said I took a deep breath first.hehehe

So tonight I have 7 zigzags finished....or would that be 4 zigs and 3 zags??????? lol

Had to stop cause my hands were starting to hurt.....moved onto crocheting a bit before heading to bed.

And.........after looking at Lishy the wonder knitter's already finished scarf...I'm gonna make mine 21 repeats. 21 being my lucky number and cause now I can say I am a third done. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Nite peeps!


Anonymous said...

If you have 21 and a 13 year old has 25 then I'm guessing I might have a few more to do.Right now I have 8 and am proud of it lol
A race I don't think so Chick
Oh ya thanks again for the help it was appreciated,even though you did threaten to stab me.

Amy G. said...

Silly...I said I have 7 and want 21! You are a head of me still!