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Monday, October 06, 2008


What were you doing when you were 21? Let's relive shall we????

I got these questions in an email and found them quite interesting, funny, and wow! what memories they brought up!!!!

Here we go....

!. In what year did you turn 21? 1988.

2. How many years ago was that? 20!

3. What if anything was memorable in how you looked? I was 102 freaking pounds! Boobless! But great legs....where did they go dammit???? hehehe...and I had really long blond crimped hair with very high bangs!

4. What was your favorite outfit? Ummmmm....I wore little skirts!lol......and I had this really cool jean jacket that I bleached my name on the back!

5. What kind of car did you drive? A baby blue Ford Escort

6. Did you have a job? Yep! I was a cashier at Hill's Department Store. I think I made a whopping $3.75 an hour!

7. Did you like your job? Absolutely loved it!!!!!

8. Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? well.....there was 3 guys that year.hehehehe

9. What can you remember about them? ROFLOL!.........this is too funny......but here goes.....one was the Fucktard! He kept dumping me for other girls though....and then I also dated the Fucktard's cousin to make him jealous...it worked but I broke the cousin's heart...and it is rumored that he still pines for me and that is why he has never married...yeah right........and I really really liked the maintenance guy at Hill's! We would spend all our breaks together, he would come in on his nights off to see me....and OMG! the sweetest thing....he would write me notes on paper towels! ....I still got them in a box somewhere.hehehehe....and yes....I broke his heart too dammit!

10. Did you have any close friends? Yes, Stacy and Tobie.

11. Do you still stay in touch with them? I see Tobie every once in a while at Wal-Mart. And Stacy took her own life in 2002.

12.Did you do anything special on your 21st birthday? I actually had to work..... the Fucktard had broke up with me a couple days before to go bone some ugly redhead who turned out later to like girls!....and I got roses and balloons at work from the maintenance guy!

13.What was the most memorable moment of the year of 21? I eloped.....with the Fucktard!Geez! What was I thinking???????........What in the Hell was I drinking?????

Now it's your turn! Either repost this on your own blogs or just copy and paste your answers in my comments....

Hmmmmmm.....think I will hop on over to myspace and look up the maintenace guy......hehehehe

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spud's bud said...

Y'all really want to know what I was like at 21?lol