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Friday, October 10, 2008


People have husbands, boyfriends,roommates, dates, atleast occasional nookie...............and then there is me.................who has a crazy ex- Fucktard she avoids and.......YARN!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE YARN!!!!!!! But it can only entertain so much!

Does anyone else see anything seriously wrong with this picture!

I've voiced my issue.....now I'm gonna go knit! ROFLOL!


spud's bud said...

Are you ok?
An yes I see lots wrong with that picture.You are a funny intelligent woman who has inner as well as outer beauty.You have more to offer then 95% of the people I know.The biggest fault I see in you is the fact you have so much love to give.I assume we have opposite sides of the same problem.You have so much love to give you just assume everybody does as well.
Now I ask again, are you ok?
If you think anything I said was insincere B.S.,or whatever don't.Don't think it for a minute.
If anyone ever tries to make you feel like you are anything less then what I said.Don't listen to them don't believe them an for there sake don't tell me.

Amy G. said...

Yes, I am ok. Was just in a mood last night! lol
I seriously think if I became a mean self-centered heartless bitch I could get everything I wanted! lol
But that isn't me.......so I am going to just go knit! hehehehe

Lost Lishy said...

I would say that yarn doesn't stalk you, but we both know I would be incorrect. Go get some fresh air, you whore!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm??? Spuds may have a point. Gee, I could almost swear I have said similar words to you in the past gazillion years! You are not the loser that Fucktard has made you believe you are! Listen to us! We see you as you truly are! Kinda weird, but really sweet and cute! Ha ha! Couldn't resist the "weird" thing...takes one to know one!
Love ya!