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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Started this tank today. It was callin out for me to make it in a mossy green......but .......pink got in a fist fight with the green and you see who won!!!!hehehehe

The pattern is easy and I hope it will turn out cute on me like in the picture.....I will be making mine a little bit longer and gonna just wear a cami under it.

The other cool thing.....the picture is taken on my enV2, my new cell phone. Instead of taking the camera, snapping a picture, plugging it into the computer, downloading, etc....all I did was take the picture and emailed it to myself! Cool Beans!!!! and it's not a bad picture!!!


spud's bud said...

To make a long one short I have a old house that has been built onto an over an such.In the stairwell I keep seeing something.Last week I took a picture of the back of my house for my blog.Two night later I went to take the picture again trying for a better picture.While I was waiting for the moon to sit right I saw for lack of better description an shadow of a shadow in the upstairs back bedroom window.All the doors were shut up there.I did check later that night.

spud's bud said...

Sorry 'bout that I didn't realize I send the same one 3 times.I deleted the second but the third one still made it through,yes there was a little drinking involved.I did get to see Hancock finally.That was a good movie.

spud's bud said...

I think I'm done with my first project or maybe more to the point it might be done with me.I keep adding stitches some how.I'm hoping Lishy will have some tips for me.It's lopsided an has a few dropped stitches but I'm kinda proud.The next one will be better.
I had lots more but it was all a karma sucks kinda rant so I deleted it lol.
Heres hoping your doing ok.

spud's bud said...

Tell ya what If you want I'll post the whole haunted house story complete with pictures.