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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Phone Baby!

Looky!!!! Who says there can only be one gadgeteer in the family!!!!! hehehe

After 2 and a half years...I switched back to verizon and a new phone!!!

I love it!!!!

The best part....the keyboard! Cause I love texting like any woman does!

And!!!! I finally have my first camera phone and don't have to carry my camera around anymore!

The bonus....when they found out where I worked....I got $200 worth of free assessories, a discount, a longer warranty, and the mail in rebate instantly! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I told the guy that I probably would sell the stuff on ebay......or share with the other 2 people I know who have the same phone. hehehe


Lost Lishy said...

Dang Woman! Made out like a bandit, didn't ya.

Must say, you are the Spiff ::grins::

Anonymous said...

Cool maybe one ill get a real phone.Mine is one step up from a pay phone lol.You ever get your internet switched over?