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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello there! Anyone home? =)

I usually do a end of year wrap up and failed miserably with that for 2011. So here goes...

Christmas knitting was a big success this year! I got everything done on time! My projects this year were: a crocheted table runner, 6 scarves knitted or crocheted, one pair of knit fingerless gloves, a felted purse, 4 dishcloths crocheted, and a pair of knit slippers.

Best parts of 2011: Jessie graduating from high school, Florida on Fall Break, finding the author Kate Morton, I love love love her books!!!, finding the Knitgirllls podcast, and my new tattoo!

Resolutions for 2012: Keep being just myself, telling it like it is with no holding back, ridding my life of losers, jerks, and meanies, and still hoping always for a great day.

Goals for 2012: The 12 and 12 project. 12 books read and 12 crochet/knit projects finished.

Also the goal to try and post atleast once a week...we will see how that one pans out. ;)

Until next time...

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adam said...

Sounds like a good plan.