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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whose Idea?

It was my idea but........what was I thinking???

Lishy and I were supposed to be done with our hoodies by now! But I think we are both bored out of our minds!

I keep giving myself excuses.....it's too slow going.....if the color was happier......I should have gone with short sleeves.....if , if, if....

I did knit about 30 rows on a sleeve today. Maybe, just maybe will finish it before sleep tonight.

That just leaves one more sleeve, a hood, sewing it all together......maybe finished before summer???????

Why didn't I make it in PINK????


spud's bud said...

I'm just hoping to be done with my sweater before next winter.....maybe it would help if I quit frogging it?

Lost Lishy said...

Because you didn't WANT pink! lol