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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Went to Mass Ave. with Lishy today. We both got plenty of yarn. I amazingly enough did not purchace any PINK! lol. I think we both wanted to rush home and start on something new. But.....we gotta get these Central Park Hoodies done!

We also ate too much at Logan's. UGH! But it tasted wonderful!!!!

Nap time....then I will make myself knit!


spud's bud said...

Sounds like a great day

Lost Lishy said...

That shoe is so YOU! lol

So, how much DID you knit this weekend, hrmmm??

Amy G. said...

ummmmm....wellllll.....like I said before....I've become a bedroom hermit again.....I did manage about 10 rows of the hoodie before getting zoned out on reality t.v. and my internet. OMG! I need to give myself some boundaries!!!!hehehe