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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pink of the Week(8)...or how I was a Super Hero for a few hours!

It all started with a Lishy thought......you know where those lead.....hehehe

She brought over some duct tape and of course because she loves me...mine was PINK!

We put on t-shirts and proceeded to tape each other up...........you can see hers on her blog.

So you might think we were having a kinky moment( it was the most action I've had in a while!) but No, we were making dressforms!

We began with an X! Then she taped me up while I held my breath....I didn't want it in my true shape with my belly sticking out did I????? Oh, yeah, I think that was the point wasn't it Lish??? We wanted dressforms in our own shapes.....lol

Then I had a PINK POWER moment. I was a super-hero.........able to help people with my Pinkness.hehehehe

Last step, trust your friend to cut the damm thing off you, stuff it, cop a feel on your boobies and call it a day!

Fun evening! Now I need to just find some kind of stand thing to stick it on cause it is just sitting in the livingroom for now and it fell over last night and made the Teenager scream!


Lost Lishy said...

Tape the hell out of Ames. Check.
Take lots of pictures. Check.
Make the teenager scream. Check.

LMAO. Too much fun!

spud's bud said...

ummmmmmmmm......will these be going up for sale on e-bay and when can I put my bid in??????

Anonymous said...

I will out-bid you!!!