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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Belated Booooooooooooooooooo

Halloween has been here and gone but I have some spooky and booey stuff still to share with you...

My crocheted skull. I think he is pretty cool!

My candy corn shrug......Spuds, you were wrong! It wasn't a bra! ROFLOL!

Boo in the trick or treat bowl.....after the trick or treaters left! Yes! I ended up with tons of chocolate left! I am drowning!!!!!! Glub glub glub!!!

My costume this year.....I was the Knitty Kitty! lol

And........Dee was supposed to be a Knitty Kitty too but only had crochet hooks.....so that makes her a .....hmmmmmmmm????? .....A Crochey Cat! ROFLOL!


Lost Lishy said...

All very cute!

Anonymous said...

Big smiles,big claps and a big mental hug.But a small sigh...I was hoping for the candy corn bra.