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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well if I was a tree.....on Monday I added another ring to my trunk.lol

It was a good day all and all. I got Birthday wishes and gifts from all the special people in my life! I got brownies! And I spent a nice evening with The Teenager at the movies....after some tense weeks in her presence.

I didn't get no hot passionate birthday kiss...but maybe next year! hehehe

And.....for the second year in a row.....my Dad forgot my birthday!!!

And.....I really miss my mom a lot right now!!!

Growning up...on our special day my sister and I got to pick our favorite meal for Mom to make. I would always have home made mac n cheese or chicken spaghetti bake. And for dessert.....always, always, always...it would be sugar cream pie! YUM!

I wish my mom was here right now! not for the food! lol...Just for that motherly advice. How would she have dealed with me if I was as horrible as The Teenager was??? My sister says I was...hehehe....but I really can't remember...

I remember telling my mom everything! Crying to her when my boyfriend was a jerk...and she even knew I was eloping before anyone else knew.lol

I want that love, that friendship with my own daughter dammit!!! Can we get through this phase quickly please????

Ok....thanks for listening...gonna go put my big girl panties on and go pick her up from her Dad's and hope beyond hope she can be in a somewhat decent mood! Wish me luck!!!


Lost Lishy said...

I'll wish you better than just plain luck. I'll wish you Cheeky Luck!!!!!

spud's bud said...

I'm so sorry.I know there is nothing I can do to make it better or even just tolerable.But ya have to know I would if I could.Any advice I could try to give would only seem patronizing.
For what its worth I still send good thought your way.And awhile ago I got a very unpleasant an undeserved reality check form some of my family an I used the image of your face when you saw "you boy" to help center myself.
Since I seem to be rambling i just say miss ya an holler if I can do anything.

Lost Lishy said...

That can be taken wrong in sooo many ways lol

"Lemme finish purling..."

spud's bud said...

Let me guess I missed something...again?

WookWitch said...

Seriously, after the last two blogs, we all know YOU DON'T OWN ANY BIG GIRL PANTIES!