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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Flood of 8-31-08

I, Amy G., along with my panties are responsible for flooding the laundry mat on this fine sunny day!

How embarrassing! ......and kinda.......How funny!!!!

I was busy talking to Lishy and didn't check to see that the front loader was securely closed.

Then the water started coming and coming and coming........


The reason......panty string caught in the door!

I luckily felt a little better when I was told by the nice lady mopping up my mess that it wasn't the first time!

Lishy!!!!! You gotta watch me closer!!!!!....=)


you know when I am with Lishy......there has got to be something funny said...

Here's today's...

"I got 6 inches." (me)

"I'm not used to it being so stubby." (me)

"Mine is ginormous!" (Lishy)

"I got 6 balls!" (Lishy)

"Mine has nuts." (me)


"Wow! That's freaking huge! I've never seen one so big!" (me)


WookWitch said...

I'm not sure I want to know what the conversation was about, but I will tell you this: you will probably be receiving two blue balls by Tuesday! ROTFLMBFWAO!

And I ain't referring to those belonging to "the ass!"


Anonymous said...

I was by there 4 times today,thought I heart the echoes of screaming panties.Glad to see you appear to be doing better.

Lost Lishy said...

You whore!!!!!