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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Clay Day 2008

The Teenager and I headed to Clay Day in Brown County again this year. It is our 3rd year going and painting pots with my sister and Jeanne.

As usual...it was fun....and DAMM HOT!!!!

We don't make the pots, we paint them and then they fire them and then put them in sawdust. The technique is called Raku and comes from Japan.

The teeager and I each made 3 pots....Here I am with my favorite of the day.

My sister and the Teenager painting their pots.

My 3 pots. If the picture was brighter you could see the cool colors better...the one on the left is a coppery goldish brown with white crackle at the top. The one in the middle is a green with black background and white flowers, and the one on the right is a marbley turquoise...


Lost Lishy said...

Those look pretty neat to me!

WookWitch said...

Those are really cool! You have not responded to my questions! Is that one day a year? Where is it? Who puts it on? Can I come? :-(