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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Good,the Bad, and The Ugly

I have been back in the real world for a few days now and caught up on some missed sleep so I can talk about the last month now....

The Good:

It went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than I thought it was gonna go. I am so thankful for my friends who came to visit at the store and helped keep me sane. I would list all 6 of you...but you know who you are!

It went really fast!

I got some crocheting done!

I got to read!

My favorite boy and my favorite girl from school came to the store to see me and I got hugs and flying squirrell jumps! hehehe

A very close friend that I have not seen in 6 years came in and it was awesome and I can't wait to catch up with her more!!!!

We sold every last stinkin firework in the building!

The Bad:

The Bossman was his typical self. I knew it was gonna be that way .....but instead of letting it get me down....I ignored him and as said above....my friends were there for me!

The flood..... what a mess! And I felt so trapped and helpless at the store, when I wanted to be out there helping the ones I care about!

And you know for all those that came to the store that I wanted to see....you always have those that come and they won't leave! UGH! But I remained calm and no one got hurt! hehehe

The Ugly:

I swear the last couple of days before the 4th that the bags under my eyes hung down to my knees! ROFLOL!


spud's bud said...


Amy G. said...

to what???

spud's bud said...

Wow to all that was packed into one month.Looks like you had some real highs followed by some real lows.From what you told me an what I saw 1 year has made a huge difference in your life.If I read you right a change for the better.
Was I"those that wont leave"?
The Lost One showed my a new way to cast on an my mom wants me to show her.That had to make Dad twitch lol
later Chick