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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Words

For ALICIA....it looks like this might get outta hand...

I am working on ANOTHER blanket. This one is the star pattern. I like the pattern, looks good and is easy to do. But.....The yarn sucks! Red Heart hard ASS stuff! I didn't pick it! I am ALREADY ANNOYED with it! ARGH!!!!! We ALL know that some things ARE good hard but this yarn AIN'T one of them!!!! hehehe

ALICIA hung out with me today! It is kinda scary how in many ways we are ALIKE! We ATE and played around on the computer and then got sleepy and called it a day.

Ummmm....not much else to mumble about so....I'm just gonna say ACK!


1 comment:

Lost Lishy said...

LOVE the way you did this one. So, will we decide tomorrow what our next LETTER will be?