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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I must admit I'm intrigued by a comment to my last post...and I can't write back to them...

So I'll just ask in a blog post and see what I get...

A guy...do you like yarn??? Cool!

Why did it take 5 tries to post??

And....I almost jumped out of a plane once! lol

More yarny stuff later taters!


Anonymous said...

Intrigued oh my that doesn't put any pressure on me lol.
1 yes I am a guy
2 As far as yarn I do like but sadly only as a spectator
3 5 tries 'cause we share a common friend whose blog I read that lead me to yours.It made me feel like a voyeur reading but not interacting.
I've not had the best luck with blogs.Sorry to say but y'all are some of the more normal people out there .

WookWitch said...
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