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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

B words

BUTTCHEEKS- Looky who I dragged around on Sunday and made her do all the ooh sooooo fun thingys I do on Sundays with me...and she didn't even whine a bit...it's a buttcheek...Lishy!!!

BLAH- The dullness of my life...hehehe

BARF- What The Teenager has done on and off since last Thursday and we ended up taking her to the emergency room in the middle of the night last night to get an i.v. of fluids. They said this stomach stuff is lasting 2 to 10 days...she's on day 6. It's been a scary deal with her diabetes and her blood sugars going so low from not eating and the puking.

BOWL HEAD- I think she is the only person I know who would walk into a laundry mat with a crocheted bowl on her head....that's why we get along so well!!! LOL

BUTTHEAD- The father of The Teenager....do we have to say anything else on this subject????NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And last but not least...

BLANKET- When I mentioned in a previous post that I thought this was gonna be the year of the afghan, I literally did not mean ONE FREAKING BLANKET!!!

This baby blanket is taking forever and a day to finish. I have till next Thursday to get it done. I just started on my last skein of yarn and refuse to go buy another. It will be the shape it turns out to be when the yarn is gone. If it is not a square....then I will deal with it.....it will be kinda hard to deal with it cause I'm a square kinda chick but as I might have mentioned before...I AM SOOOOOOOO OVER WORKING ON THIS BLANKET!!!!

I feel so much better now!!!!


Lost Lishy said...

How is The Brat?

And what's wrong with wearing a bowl on my head? It looked sufficiently hat-ish to me lol.

When you get done with THE BLANKET, you can get back to doing fun stuff without worry. (or something like that anyway)

Anonymous said...

An you just might be the only sober person I know that would go into a laundry mat with someone wearing a crocheted bowl hat.
You know it took me 5 tries to get the nerve to post .An this comeing from a guy who thinks jumping out of airplanes is fun.