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Friday, April 06, 2007


Well I can finally talk about something that I've been working on and having to keep secret from my 5 faithful followers! And that secret is............


I sent my BF, Lola, the Yarn Harlot book for Christmas. In January she sent me this letter telling how I've made her dishcloths and they are wonderful and all, but that true frienship was SOCKS! So I jumped in! Had never tried dpns (double points) or knitting in the round in my life!

My first sock! I did a basic tube sock. Just knit 3 purl 3 and did some decreasing for the toe. It turned out really cute but don't know if I will ever make it's mate. So I made a sock hanger and I'm going to hang it on the knob of my entertainment center.

The first pair of real socks. These were for Lola. I used Bernat Sox, that seems to no longer be available or I could just be blonde.

I'm really proud of them, holes and ladders, and all!

Here's Lola wearing her sock trying to do "Butterfly's" famous pose.

I love my wacky friends!!!!!

And here's sock yarn for the next and future pairs. Cascade Fixation.

Can't wait to make myself a pair. I'm going to go cast on right now!



WookWitch said...

Who is that gorgeous babe? And just look at those socks. I'm feelin' the love!

Andey Layne said...

I miss you. Sniffle.