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Monday, May 29, 2006


Well, school is over till August. Now it's time for the summer job! Fireworks! The Man has his own store and I am the "second in command". haha

This picture is how it looked when the boxes first came in. It looks pretty good now with everything in its place but.... we have another semi coming next week. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep asking every year....."Can't we have a yarn store instead?????" LOL


Heather said...

Ok, the picture scared me. I looked at it close before reading the text and saw "Asian Cat" and was a tad freaked. LOL

Amy G. said...

Heather! Thanks for the laugh! Sorry that I scared you with my picture!LOL

I have another picture of the store all pretty with the boxes gone. I will post it tomorrow with two pictures of FO's.

I am sooooooo tired tonight! How many days till the 4th of July????????????? UGH!!!!!