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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Colossal Cupcake

Friday was one of the Yarn Chicks Birthdays. It was Dee's! She told me she liked the color lime green.

So................ I made her a huge green cupcake!

I got the idea from the cute cupcakes in the One Skein book and from an entry on the One Skein blog.

I knitted the bottom of the cupcake and just put the skein of yarn in it. That way Dee can use the yarn to make something cute and she can also change the "flavor" of her cupcake by just popping a new skein in.

Next time.... I will make smaller, "real size" cupcakes and try my hand at a knitting on "icing".

Also, I made her a lime green "napkin" to go with her cupcake. Secretly this "napkin" is called "The Triple C ". Why?????????

Well I knitted it the other night while watching American Idol . I know I must have cried a tear drop or two on it when Chris was voted off! So it's secret name is The Chris Cupcake Coaster!

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lisa bense said...

The cup cake is cute, you are very talinted .