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Monday, February 13, 2006

Crazy but FUN!!!!

Tonight was Crochet and Knitting Lesson No#2. We had more people join in on the fun this time! Wow! I wish I could of cloned myself. I don't know what I would have done if my "student teacher" D wasn't there. She was a life saver!

I was so excited to have a BOY want to learn crochet! Clayton did a great job chaining. He came with his mom, Kim, who picked up knitting in no time.

Carol,wih the lavender shirt on, came and did great knitting, for the first time. Her goal is to knit Christmas stockings like she had as a kid. How cool is that!

D, who wore the really cool sweater, did great learning how to purl and brought 2 garter stitch squares for our charity blanket.

I felt like I neglected Sassy, grey sweatshirt, and her daughter Sassyette, green shirt. I was trying to teach them single crochet, but I kept getting sidetracked with the knitters. I am going to try to give them another seperate lesson.

Suzy came, but I can't find her picture and I know I took one of her! She brought 3 knitted squares and a huge box of books. Awesome! I , of course, took tons of them. I will list them tomorrow when I get a chance. I am sleepy now and need to scoot to bed.

It was a great night!


WookWitch said...

Hello. This is Wokk Witch's daughter. Mom says hi. I say hi to you and The Brat (lol). Love the blog! Tell The Brat she needs call my or something. We've kinda lost touch, ya know?

WookWitch said...

Sorry I meant WOOK Witch

Amy G. said...

Wooky, I will tell Bratty she needs to email you! She got a new cell phone and is obsessed with it! She checks her email every minute on it!

Thanks for checking out my blog! =)