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Monday, December 15, 2008


Me and Lishy celebrated our Christmas together yesterday!

We came up with the idea of making "Yarn survival kits" a couple of months ago.

Here in all is it's awesomeness is what she got me....

From top left:

The kit. A white lunch box she attached happy pink and orange fabric to, plus a purple fabric bow.

The little cntainer that contained stitch markers she made for me in pinks,purples and blues and she made three that said Yarn Chick Emma!

Sweet Pea lotion and hand sanitizer cause I love the scent and cause duhhhhh it's PINK! lol

Theraputic craft gloves.....cause I have some awful carpal tunnel flare ups and cause they look much more stylish than my hand braces!

A container of chibi curved tapestry needles!

2 yarncakes of bamboo yarn...ohhhhh so soft and yummy. Pink and blue!

Pink mini scissors!!!!!

A little purple bag with needle protector "socks"...which is awesome cause mine always get up and walk away.hehehe

A color wheel and a color chart! I've wanted these for like forever to help make color combinations for projects!

And also in the kit but not pictured in this pic: A pair of size 8 knitting needles and a whole set of crochet hooks ( D thru K)!!!!!

I think Lishy went kinda overboard with the kit but I absolutely love it and love her!

Can't wait to make this a tradition and get started on next years!

you can see the kit I made her posted on her blog!

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