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Monday, August 11, 2008

Blasted Blahs!

Well....my friends, my Summer is coming to a quick end and The Yarnchick is just not happy about it!

I did not get done all that I wanted to accomplish. That ticks me off, but hey! It's my own fault right???

I had several crafty projects planned...are any of them finished?????Nopes!

I wanted to spend more time with certain friends....did that happen????Nope!

Part of me just wants to get in the car and go track them down...wouldn't you love it if I showed up on your doorstep?????hehehe.....

But nope...that's not how I am...if I was, I am sure I would get more of the things I want! Dang it!

Anyways...enough with the Blahsssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Lets see...what am I thankful for????

Friends, Lishy in particular....who is just a text away when I am having a moment...she's always there to "text me down"...and The Hermit lessons are greatly appreciated!

Even though it is back to working and job time...I still have weekends off! Can't complain about that!!!!!

and...it's great that even though I feel really old having a daughter that will be a sophomore...she is being nice to her old mother and letting her drive her Jeep!...I really think its cause she was embarrassed to have mom pull up in the Thundercrap and pick her up from school...hehehe...either way...I'm not complaining!

Hugs to you all and of course hope!!!!!!

Luv you!!!!


Lost Lishy said...

"Text you down" ... ::snickers::

You've made lots of progress! It's just not as visible to you, seeing as how you're around you all day, every day. I can see it, and I see you at least once a week.

K, I'm going to try to sleep now, seeing as I have to go back to w**k tomorrow, and I have to go in early for a meeting. You may have to text me down lol.


Anonymous said...


Amy G. said...

Yes???? Yes to what spuds?????

Anonymous said...

Yes as in yes summer went by to fast.An yes to maybe you should be more forceful.Sometime you have to be selfish.You once said you wanted to be held an told you were important.Well take my word on it you are.So track down your friends an if they don't like it screw 'em an use your talents an energy elsewhere.
Hope your enjoying the jeep